Are you seriously considering on purchasing Viagra pills soon? Are you curious of its efficacy, safety, and possible alternatives? If you are looking into using it in the near future, we now give you all the important details about Viagra!

What is Viagra?

Viagra is essentially the brand name of the prescription drug that contains Sildenafil citrate. Generic Viagra was born out of the ever-increasing demand for Sildenafil citrate. Generic Viagra contains the same type of ingredient as that of Viagra manufactured by Pfizer. This prescription medicine comes in pill form, making it easy to take for its consumers. This little tablet is amazing in that is has improve the quality of life among millions of men and their respective partners. It has successful made it easier for men suffering from erectile dysfunction to get and maintain erection.

Cheap Viagra Pills Online

Are you looking for inexpensive Viagra pills? Well, look no further as the Internet presents online pharmacies that sell Viagra pills at cheap prices! The demand for Viagra has created a surge of websites selling Viagra at extremely inexpensive price points.

Viagra was launched in 1989 by pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer. The main ingredient, Sildenafil citrate was formulated to treat heart disease. It was during drug trials that they discovered its failure for its intended clientele. What they have found out during these trials is that male participants experienced erection after taking Viagra. It was only after a decade that they released Viagra as treatment for men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Viagra then became a worldwide hit, as it was the only safe and effective medication that successfully treats the symptoms related to erectile dysfunction.

Since its launch, Viagra has been one of the best-selling prescription medications among men and women all over the globe. The great demand prompted the sale of Viagra online. Unfortunately, unscrupulous individuals have been selling counterfeit Viagra online; most of these drugs tagged as generic do not contain Sildenafil citrate altogether.

As Viagra from Pfizer is not a cheap drug, many pharmaceutical companies develop their own generic Viagra. They are most often sold under a different name. Despite the proliferation of fake Viagra tablets, there are still reputable pharmaceutical companies that sell legit tablets containing the active ingredient, Sldenafil citrate.

You can now buy generic Viagra online even without prescription. However this is the case, it is still best to consult with your doctor to give you the right dosage so you can get safe and effective erections consistently.

How does Viagra work?

A common myth about Viagra is that it induces and amplifies arousal in men. The truth of the matter is that Viagra’s main ingredient Sildenafl citrate essentially makes it physically possible for erectile dysfunction patients to achieve erection. The element of arousal needs to be present in order for Viagra to work. During sexual stimulation, the erectile tissue in the penile region secretes nitric oxide which in turn induces the release of an enzyme called guanosine monophosphate. This enzyme facilitates the relaxation of smooth muscles, thus allowing additional blood flow into the penis. Viagra’s active ingredient helps in maintaining ideal levels of guanosine monophosphate for a few hours. This makes it easy for patients to keep their erection up to four hours even without arousal.

Effective Viagra Alternatives

With the Internet overflowing with Viagra generics, you arrive at a dilemma—Should you choose to purchase branded Viagra or its generic counterpart. The only different between generic and branded Viagra is price. The Viagra manufactured by Pfizer is more expensive, whilst its generic version is more affordable in nature. The ingredients, safety, and efficacy are the same with both Sildenafil citrate drug, Given generic Viagra comes from a trusted source, you may now enjoy the benefits of Viagra at a fraction of its original price. With generic Viagra, you are guaranteed to experience its benefits provided the active ingredient, Sildenafil citrate is at its ideal concentration. Generic Viagra from a reputable source will give you the same desirable results as that delivered by branded Viagra from Pfizer.

Where to get inexpensive Viagra pills online

There is no shortage of online pharmacies that sell Viagra on the Internet. Just be sure to do your homework to verify the authenticity and efficacy of your purchase. Purchase generic Viagra only from reputable sources even without prescription. Make sure to check in with your doctor prior to buying to identify any health conditions that you may have and medications you are taking in combination with Viagra. This will ensure safe and effective treatment of erectile dysfunction with Viagra.

Sildenafil Citrate Doses

Sildenafil citrate comes in a variety of different formulas and strengths. If you are having difficulty taking pills, there are generic Viagra tablets that come in easy-to-swallow soft gel pills or capsules.

You can purchase Viagra that feature different concentrations. For instance, Viagra comes in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg doses. Generic Viagra comes in higher concentrations including 150mg and 250mg oils. If you are planning on buying cheap Viagra from the Internet make sure to check the ideal dosage for your case to ensure both safety and efficacy. Never take Viagra more than once a day, or more than the dose recommended by your doctor. It is a safety measure to not go beyond the recommended dosage to avoid side effects or complications.

Viagra Directions for Use

Reading the instructions that come with Viagra packaging or box is a safety measure worth remembering. These production information and directions for use will help you in taking Viagra without fear of adverse effects such as overdosing.

Here are some safety guidelines when taking Viagra:

  • Do not use Viagra if you are not suffering from erectile dysfunction.
  • The tablets should be taken 30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse.
  • Ideally, Viagra is to be taken on an empty stomach.
  • Never drink grapefruit while using Viagra.
  • Viagra should be taken only once daily.
  • Never buy a Viagra with dosages that are beyond that recommended by your doctor.

Viagra Mechanism of Action

Viagra assists a large number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction to get and maintain erection suitable for sexual intercourse. This medication should never be used for any other condition. Contrary to popular belief, Viagra does not induce sexual arousal in men. What it does however is to stimulate erection following sexual stimulation or arousal.

If you do not suffer from erectile dysfunction, not taking any medications, and are in perfect health condition, it is totally safe to take Viagra. However, for those who suffer from serious health issues or are taking medications for chronic diseases, it is best to seek a health expert’s advise before Viagra supplementation.

Viagra Side Effects

The most common side effects associated with Viagra intake are not serious in nature. Headaches, gastrointestinal upset, facial flushing, and mild back pain are commonplace among those who take Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction. If you take Viagra and suddenly suffer from heart arrhythmia, vision problems, hearing impairment, and other serious allergic symptoms such as difficulty of breathing, swelling, and itching, seek emergency medical care.

Viagra Prices

Branded Viagra that are being sold at bricks-and-mortar pharmacies will cost you $25 per tablet. If you purchase from a reputable online source, you can buy one table for as low as $.089 a piece.

Inexpensive Viagra Pills Online

Given that you purchase your Viagra prescription from a reputable source, there shouldn’t be any worry to take Viagra as needed. Reliable pharmaceutical companies follow excellent safety standards and manufacturing protocols to ensure quality and safety. Prior to taking Viagra, make sure to consult with your doctor for correct dosing and specific use instructions.

Why should you take Viagra?

Viagra is not the only medication that is indicated to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Cialis and Levitra are prescription drugs that are recommended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Although these drugs have also risen in popularity, Viagra still reigns superior as it is the safest and more powerful medication for erectile dysfunction. In addition, Viagra has been on the market the longest, spanning almost 20 years of delivering desirable effects for those suffering from erectile dysfunction.

If you have been recently diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, Viagra should be your first option when it comes to management of its symptoms. If Viagra fails to deliver positive results, you can then move on to other alternatives instead.